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Key developments of 1564

Back to the New World (and a couple other places) this year. Here were the main  developments of world-historical impact in 1564 CE: In Chile, the Mapuche continued their resistance to Spanish settler-colonialism though they continued to suffer grievously from Spanish violence. In March 1564, a conquistador captain called Lorenzo Bernal  fought a battle at … Continue reading Key developments of 1564

Key developments of 1561

The single most interesting development of 1561 CE was the renewed outbreak of an anti-colonial uprising in today’s Chile. But Suleiman the Magnificent was also getting on in years and his sons had been circling around for the succession… Anyway, read on! First Chile. 1561 saw the outbreak of the Second Great Mapuche Rebellion in … Continue reading Key developments of 1561

Key developments of 1557

1557 CE was a pretty epic (and eerily familiar) year which saw pandemic and economic collapse… Here goes: The year saw the start of an influenza pandemic that, because of the new frequency of transoceanic shipping, traveled fast and devastated areas across whole continents over the four years that followed. This seems to have been … Continue reading Key developments of 1557

Key developments of 1550, & notes on Christianity and slavery

The year 1550 CE saw several world-historical things happening around the world. Before we dive deeper into one of these, here are the main bullet-points: Conquistadores doing their aggressive, expansionist thing in various parts of the Americas. Notably at Penco (halfway down today’s Chile) one conquistador force vanquished an army of several thousand indigenous Mapuche … Continue reading Key developments of 1550, & notes on Christianity and slavery