Regaining my voice as a writer

Back in November, I wrote a bit here on JWN about my struggle to get back to doing my own writing after spending some 12 years of working mainly as an impresario for the work of others. I also wrote about my plan to start a whole new writing project, “to write and publish a weekly essay in which I’ll look at some of the very biggest, “world-order” (or geopolitical) aspects and implications of the ever-evolving international scene.”

So I did launch that project, having built a special new dedicated platform, at, and set to work diligently to publish one significant and well-crafted essay there each week. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved there thus far (while also continuing to do things for Just World Books, Just World Educational, and my family.) But especially at the beginning writing my Globalities essays was very hard work– mainly because of the residual effects of my eye problem, which make it much harder and slower than it was before for me to survey, digest, and double-check written information. Sigh.

Oh, also, I reconnected after a long absence with the good folks at The Nation, and have published a couple of shorter pieces there. So that’s good, too.

But along the way, I just stopped posting anything here in Just World News. And though I’m uncertain if anyone still reads my stuff here, I really have started to miss being able to write in this space. So here I am, back again. Over the past few months I have indeed had a few (possibly ephemeral) little thoughts and reflections that, in retrospect, I wish I had decided to post here. Observations or feuilletons that are not quite “complete” or “finished” enough to post at Globalities.