Key developments of 1575

I’ll start with a couple of short items about the state of the world in 1575 CE, then move to the main action, which concerned the still-growing Mughal Empire. (Of course, in Europe meantime, numerous Catholic-Protestant battles, etc, were going on.) Iberian conquistadores consolidate rule in Americas, West Africa In “New Spain”, the Spanish settlers … Continue reading Key developments of 1575

Key developments of 1574 (mainly, Ottoman)

All the usual things were happening in the world of 1574 CE: Mughal Emperor Akbar consolidating his growing territories; Protestants and Catholics contending over broad areas of Europe; Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors doing their transnational thing, and so on. The main development of world-historical importance that year, however, was the Ottoman navy’s final conquest of … Continue reading Key developments of 1574 (mainly, Ottoman)

Key developments of 1573

Here they are: Akbar takes Gujarat for the Mughals Spanish ship full of S. American silver reaches Manila Ottomans and Venetians conclude peace treaty Maldivian nationalists expel Portuguese Wars of religion (still) in France and Netherlands; News of women’s role in defense of Haarlem Spanish conquistadors establish new cities in today’s Peru, Argentina Akbar takes … Continue reading Key developments of 1573

Key developments of 1572

Here were the main developments of world-historical impact that happened in 1572 CE: Protestant “Sea Beggars” in Netherlands establish first land base in Brielle China’s Longqing Emperor dies; experienced Mandarin oversees succession Ivan the Terrible routs the Tartar-Ottoman invaders Yet another War of Religion in France Conquistador capture of Túpac Amaru ends the Neo-Inca State … Continue reading Key developments of 1572

Key developments of 1570

This is the 50th anniversary edition of the Project 500 Years daily bulletin. I have completed 10% of my self-assigned task! To mark the occasion I shall shortly– today or tomorrow– be issuing “Communique #2” for the project. But for now, this fascinating daily grind must continue. Readers: the main developments of 1570 CE: Ottoman … Continue reading Key developments of 1570

Key developments of 1569, & a note on world geography

1568 was a pretty busy year. And I snuck a quick peek ahead at 1570, which is also action-packed. But 1569? Not so much. Setting aside the perennially fractious French, a little English-Scottish thing continuing, and all the items I usually do set aside anyway, today’s theme will be… geography! But first, a newsflash, since … Continue reading Key developments of 1569, & a note on world geography

Key developments of 1568

On a world-historical level, the major event of 1568 CE was something that happened in India. But other interesting things were happening concerning the post-Suleiman Ottoman state– and as usual, lots of quarreling among various powers in Europe, much of it cloaked in (or stemming from?) intra-religious differences. Here we go: Mughal Emperor Akbar captures … Continue reading Key developments of 1568

Key developments of 1567

Last year, 1566, one main big thing of world-historical importance happened. This year, 1567 CE, lots of things happened! I shall try to bring order out of a degree of global chaos: In China, the Jiajing Emperor dies Uproar & uprising in the Spanish Netherlands Conquistadores found key settlements in Americas Many adventures for Mary … Continue reading Key developments of 1567