My new writing project:

Hi. I’m just letting everyone here know about my new writing project, Do check it out. I set it up to be a bit more “serious” and professional-looking than what goes on here at JWN. My plan is to put a new essay onto Globalities each Friday… and meantime I’ll use this space here at JWN for more informal writings.

And check out the “About” page there, too.

I haven’t quite finished the design of the space at Globalities, but I’m nearly there. I’m experimenting with having Comments over there. I got a lot of pleasure from the Comments section I had at JWN back in the old days. But then, it became a pain to try to moderate them. So let’s see how it goes at Globalities…

Also, I see that WordPress is using Block Editing as a default for widgets here (as well as at Globalities), and I’m finding that quite complex to use. Sigh.

If you have Just World News on a feedreader, obviously I hope you’ll add Globalities to it now, too.

Ciao for now, H.

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