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Key developments of 1565

Lots going on in 1565 CE– and a slightly new format here. Headlines and even an index. Click away! Ottomans besiege Crusader-remnant Knights in Malta Spanish Conquistador forces a “Treaty” on Rajah in today’s Philippines Another Conquistador attacks French & indigenes in today’s Florida Portuguese & Japanese battle at Fukuda Bay Key Ming military planner … Continue reading Key developments of 1565

Key developments of 1557

1557 CE was a pretty epic (and eerily familiar) year which saw pandemic and economic collapse… Here goes: The year saw the start of an influenza pandemic that, because of the new frequency of transoceanic shipping, traveled fast and devastated areas across whole continents over the four years that followed. This seems to have been … Continue reading Key developments of 1557

Key developments of 1556

Whoa, another big year, 1556 CE: In January, Charles of Spain, having divested himself of the Holy Roman Empire in 1555, abdicated from the Kingdom of Spain, retiring to a monastery. He left the Kingdom to his son Philip. End of a long era for Spain. Later in January, the Shaanxi Province in China was … Continue reading Key developments of 1556

Key developments of 1554

On a world-historical scale, I guess the Luso-Chinese agreement was the biggest event of 1554 CE (see more below.) But in England there was more drama from the Real Housewives of the House of Tudor and in the Americas various conquistadorings continued apace… The bullet-points:  In 1554, a Portuguese group headed by Leonel de Sousa, … Continue reading Key developments of 1554

Key developments of 1543

In 1543 CE, of course the Spanish depradations in the “New World” continued. Back home in Seville, King Charles V may, the previous year, have signed the “New Laws” that sought to restrain the violence the conquistadores/settlers used against the indigenes. But over there (here) in the Americas, the settlers and their military bosses paid … Continue reading Key developments of 1543

Key developments of 1542, and Spain’s conquista of the Americas at 50

In my 1541 post, I noted the centennial of Portugal’s introduction of the practice of European slave-raiding into sub-Saharan Africa. This year, 1542 CE, marks the first half-century of Spain/Castile’s massive empire-building project in the Americas. (See a rough map of its extent in 1542, above.) This year also marked some significant stirrings of conscience … Continue reading Key developments of 1542, and Spain’s conquista of the Americas at 50