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Key developments of 1559

Here were the main developments of world-historical impact, in 1559 CE: England’s Queen Elizabeth I got crowned and immediately enacted two laws central to the Protestant supremacy there. These were the Act of Uniformity, which laid down the order of service in the Church of England and forced all subjects to go to church once … Continue reading Key developments of 1559

Key developments of 1534

1534 CE was a pretty interesting interesting year in the development of European-origined imperialism. Scroll on down for a quick visit to the history of printing. But here were the main global-political events of the year: In March, Portugal’s King John II established the first system to organize and promote permanent settlement and control in … Continue reading Key developments of 1534

Key developments of 1529

Through the first decade of this project, I have been gaining a more robust picture of the ways in which the explosion of “Western” imperial/colonial power upon the world outside Europe was linked to developments inside Europe itself. Case Study #1 for that was of course the synchronicity between Ferdinand and Isabella’s reconquista of the … Continue reading Key developments of 1529

Key developments of 1525

By this point, in terms of European projects at world domination and all the plunder, destruction, and genocide that they entailed, Spain was clearly stepping into the number-one role. (See the orange-daubed parts of the world, above. Yellow was Portugal.) The Spanish state was also still actively throwing its weight around inside Europe, whereas the … Continue reading Key developments of 1525

Key developments of 1523, and notes on the pre-Portuguese Indian Ocean

There was not as much happening in 1523 CE in the key areas I’m tracking, as there had been the preceding years. (To be honest, things going on in Scandinavia at that time leave me yawning.) But here’s what I have picked up: Martin Luther published his translation into German of the Pentateuch (the first … Continue reading Key developments of 1523, and notes on the pre-Portuguese Indian Ocean

500 years ago this year

Key developments of 1520 The best listing I’ve found of the events of 1520 is this one, on Wikipedia. There is also one on the New Zealand/Aotearoa-based website On This Day. Both lists are fairly Euro/Atlantico-centric, leaving out what I’m sure were significant developments in East Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. But the Wikipedia one … Continue reading 500 years ago this year