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Key developments of 1559

Here were the main developments of world-historical impact, in 1559 CE: England’s Queen Elizabeth I got crowned and immediately enacted two laws central to the Protestant supremacy there. These were the Act of Uniformity, which laid down the order of service in the Church of England and forced all subjects to go to church once … Continue reading Key developments of 1559

Key developments of 1558

Not much happened in 1558 CE. Perhaps the fact that the global flu pandemic that had broken out the preceding year continued to rage throughout 1558 had something to do with that? (Above is a historic photo of the quarantine station built at Dubrovnik harbor in 1590, but Europeans and Ottomans had known a lot … Continue reading Key developments of 1558

Key developments of 1554

On a world-historical scale, I guess the Luso-Chinese agreement was the biggest event of 1554 CE (see more below.) But in England there was more drama from the Real Housewives of the House of Tudor and in the Americas various conquistadorings continued apace… The bullet-points:  In 1554, a Portuguese group headed by Leonel de Sousa, … Continue reading Key developments of 1554

Key developments of 1553

In 1553 CE we’ll take a break from King/Emperor Charles of Spain and his bands of rapacious conquistadores (who continued their plundering and genociding, of course.) Attention turns to England and thence to some significant non-European empires. I suppose you might say the Ottoman Empire was at least partly European, though? Anyway, here we go: … Continue reading Key developments of 1553

Key developments of 1549

Here are notable developments in world history of 1549 CE: In March, the Portuguese established the first settler-“capital” in Brazil, Salvador da Baha. In July, something called Kett’s Rebellion broke out out in eastern England. This was an uprising against the policy of enclosures of previously common land, that mobilized 16,000 rioters who seized control … Continue reading Key developments of 1549

Key developments of 1547

1547 CE saw the deaths of three key actors– or anyway, two key actors and a leading second-string player– in the drama of European proto-imperialism that we’ve been following in Project 500 Years thus far. They were: England’s King Henry VIII, Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, and France’s King Francis I. We’ll come down to more … Continue reading Key developments of 1547

Key developments of 1529

Through the first decade of this project, I have been gaining a more robust picture of the ways in which the explosion of “Western” imperial/colonial power upon the world outside Europe was linked to developments inside Europe itself. Case Study #1 for that was of course the synchronicity between Ferdinand and Isabella’s reconquista of the … Continue reading Key developments of 1529

Key developments of 1528

For these daily/yearly posts, I’ve been relying on English Wikipedia’s annual listings, supplemented by various timelines (of the Ming Empire, the Mughal Empire, the Portuguese Empire, etc.) Today’s pickings, relating to 1528 CE, have been pretty thin. So after giving a few bullet-points I shall look a little more broadly at the whole phenomenon of … Continue reading Key developments of 1528