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Key developments of 1572

Here were the main developments of world-historical impact that happened in 1572 CE: Protestant “Sea Beggars” in Netherlands establish first land base in Brielle China’s Longqing Emperor dies; experienced Mandarin oversees succession Ivan the Terrible routs the Tartar-Ottoman invaders Yet another War of Religion in France Conquistador capture of Túpac Amaru ends the Neo-Inca State … Continue reading Key developments of 1572

Key developments of 1567

Last year, 1566, one main big thing of world-historical importance happened. This year, 1567 CE, lots of things happened! I shall try to bring order out of a degree of global chaos: In China, the Jiajing Emperor dies Uproar & uprising in the Spanish Netherlands Conquistadores found key settlements in Americas Many adventures for Mary … Continue reading Key developments of 1567

Key developments of 1549

Here are notable developments in world history of 1549 CE: In March, the Portuguese established the first settler-“capital” in Brazil, Salvador da Baha. In July, something called Kett’s Rebellion broke out out in eastern England. This was an uprising against the policy of enclosures of previously common land, that mobilized 16,000 rioters who seized control … Continue reading Key developments of 1549