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Key developments of 1530

In 1529 CE, we looked at some momentous events inside the European heartland. Today, looking at 1530 CE, some of the most notable strands of the story of the emergence of European-origined imperialisms onto the world scene are developments that happened in the “ROW” (rest of the world): In February, a Spanish conquistador in the … Continue reading Key developments of 1530

Key developments of 1521

The main actors I’d identified in my 1520 post all remained active in 1521: Martin Luther appeared as ordered before the Diet of Worms, which had been convened by the “Holy Roman Emperor” to examine his heretical beliefs. Luther refused to recant and made a speedy getaway before May 25, when the HRE declared him … Continue reading Key developments of 1521

500 years ago this year

Key developments of 1520 The best listing I’ve found of the events of 1520 is this one, on Wikipedia. There is also one on the New Zealand/Aotearoa-based website On This Day. Both lists are fairly Euro/Atlantico-centric, leaving out what I’m sure were significant developments in East Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. But the Wikipedia one … Continue reading 500 years ago this year