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Key developments of 1575

I’ll start with a couple of short items about the state of the world in 1575 CE, then move to the main action, which concerned the still-growing Mughal Empire. (Of course, in Europe meantime, numerous Catholic-Protestant battles, etc, were going on.) Iberian conquistadors consolidate rule in Americas, West Africa In “New Spain”, the Spanish settlers … Continue reading Key developments of 1575

Key developments of 1573

Here they are: Akbar takes Gujarat for the Mughals Spanish ship full of S. American silver reaches Manila Ottomans and Venetians conclude peace treaty Maldivian nationalists expel Portuguese Wars of religion (still) in France and Netherlands; News of women’s role in defense of Haarlem Spanish conquistadors establish new cities in today’s Peru, Argentina Akbar takes … Continue reading Key developments of 1573