I’m baaack!

Hi everyone.

I realize it’s been several months since I posted anything here. Since early November I’ve been battling problems with my right eye that have made it a little hard for me to write. I have, however, been able to do a few things of general social utility. My main two achievements have been to run two big (for us) programs at/through/with our non-profit, Just World Educational: one on the Ukraine Crisis, and one on the Urgency of Banning Nuclear Weapons. If you haven’t been following these projects, I urge you to go and visit the two web-portals we created to present the records of each of them: this one for the Ukraine Crisis project, and this one for the Nuclear Ban project.

The Ukraine Crisis project, by the way, grew almost directly out of this essay, “Where to now, the world order?” that I posted here on Just World News on February 24, itself.

Both those Just World Ed projects have had non-trivial sequelae. For the Ukraine Crisis project, in addition to producing the Online Learning Hub linked to above, we made a 32-page report that’s a digest of all eight of the webinar conversations we had on the topic back in March. It is downloadable as a PDF or can be bought pre-printed from Amazon for $5. Details here.

For the Nuclear Ban project, we are designing a “Nuclear Realities 101” curriculum and ginning up a “Nuclear Realities” publicity campaign on our new JustWorldEd account on Instagram.

Along the way, my fabulous project manager Amelle Zeroug and I have both been privileged to amass a lot of important and timely information. Plus, I’ve been able to do some good reading related to these two subjects, including a number of super-timely books on the nuclear-weapons issue. Plus-plus, I’ve been engaging with fellow-members of the Friends Meeting of Washington and some other Friends (Quakers) on the Ukraine issue; on the historical role of Quakers as pioneers of Anglo (= White supremacist) settler colonialism here in Turtle Island (as I discussed here in JWN back in January); and on a few other issues.

This might all seem like a dizzyingly broad list of concerns. But I see it more as picking up important threads at different ends of the historical fabric of Anglo settler-colonialism here in Turtle Island, including how this settler-colonial entity here came to dominate the whole global order for the last 75 years by virtue of its possession of those devilish means of mass destruction, the nuclear weapons… as well as what is happening worldwide, now that domination is coming under increasing challenge.

But what I haven’t really been able to do much of over recent months is write. My current plan is to remedy that deficit. And the best, most comfortable and familiar, place for me to do this is here at Just World News. (Though I realize I should try to get out of my comfort zone at some point.)

So here goes…