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Key developments of 1564

Back to the New World (and a couple other places) this year. Here were the main  developments of world-historical impact in 1564 CE: In Chile, the Mapuche continued their resistance to Spanish settler-colonialism though they continued to suffer grievously from Spanish violence. In March 1564, a conquistador captain called Lorenzo Bernal  fought a battle at … Continue reading Key developments of 1564

Key developments of 1562

Omg, 1562 CE, the year of the first instance of officially-backed English involvement in the trans-Atlantic trade in enslaved Africans. (A few other globally significant things happened, too.) Here goes: John Hawkins was a 30-year-old mariner from the southwest England port town of Plymouth, when this happened (per WP): “Hawkins received commission from Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading Key developments of 1562

Key developments of 1541 (and centennial of European slave-raiding into Africa)

In 1541 CE, of course Spain’s cruelly swashbuckling conquistadores continued their depradations in the Americas– from the Mississippi River down to southern Chile. Several other world-historically interesting things were happening too: Francis Xavier, one of the founders of the Jesuit order, left Lisbon on a mission to the Portuguese East Indies. I guess each empire-building … Continue reading Key developments of 1541 (and centennial of European slave-raiding into Africa)

Key developments of 1534

1534 CE was a pretty interesting interesting year in the development of European-origined imperialism. Scroll on down for a quick visit to the history of printing. But here were the main global-political events of the year: In March, Portugal’s King John II established the first system to organize and promote permanent settlement and control in … Continue reading Key developments of 1534

Key developments of 1526

Here are the main things that happened in 1526 CE,  that affected the continuing story of the European-origined imperialisms that would soon enough come to dominate world affairs: In January French King Francis I, who had been battling Spain in the European homeland, reached a peace agreement with Spain’s King Charles (who was also the … Continue reading Key developments of 1526

Key developments of 1524

Here’s a list of key events of 1524 CE that I culled from Wikipedia– and from the online Encyclopedia Britannica: In January, the French king Francis I entered the transatlantic exploration game by sending Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verazzano on an expedition to “the New World”, apparently seeking a western sea route to the Pacific … Continue reading Key developments of 1524