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Key developments of 1567

Last year, 1566, one main big thing of world-historical importance happened. This year, 1567 CE, lots of things happened! I shall try to bring order out of a degree of global chaos: In China, the Jiajing Emperor dies Uproar & uprising in the Spanish Netherlands Conquistadores found key settlements in Americas Many adventures for Mary … Continue reading Key developments of 1567

Key developments of 1554

On a world-historical scale, I guess the Luso-Chinese agreement was the biggest event of 1554 CE (see more below.) But in England there was more drama from the Real Housewives of the House of Tudor and in the Americas various conquistadorings continued apace… The bullet-points:  In 1554, a Portuguese group headed by Leonel de Sousa, … Continue reading Key developments of 1554

Key developments of 1551

It is still less than 60 years since 1492… but here we were in 1551 CE with the Spanish conquistadores taking new steps to consolidate their settler-colonial grip on the Americas. Things were also happening in the Mediterranean: In May, an order of Spain’s King/Emperor Charles established the “Royal and Pontifical University of the City … Continue reading Key developments of 1551

Key developments of 1549

Here are notable developments in world history of 1549 CE: In March, the Portuguese established the first settler-“capital” in Brazil, Salvador da Baha. In July, something called Kett’s Rebellion broke out out in eastern England. This was an uprising against the policy of enclosures of previously common land, that mobilized 16,000 rioters who seized control … Continue reading Key developments of 1549

Key developments of 1537

Lots of things going on in 1537 CE, both in the Americas and in the empire-builders’ European heartland: In both Norway and England, attempted counter-revolutions by local Catholic forces were crushed, and the state’s Dissolution of the Monasteries continued in both both countries. Quite a lot going on in Peru. The Incan emperor Manco Inca … Continue reading Key developments of 1537

Key developments of 1534

1534 CE was a pretty interesting interesting year in the development of European-origined imperialism. Scroll on down for a quick visit to the history of printing. But here were the main global-political events of the year: In March, Portugal’s King John II established the first system to organize and promote permanent settlement and control in … Continue reading Key developments of 1534

Key developments of 1532, and notes on Portugal’s slavery system in Brazil

Today, looking at 1532 CE, we’ll return to looking more at what the Portuguese Empire was up to worldwide (and especially in Brazil.) But first, a broader look at the main events that impacted the continuing development of the “West’s” domination of the world: In January, São Vicente was established as the first permanent Portuguese … Continue reading Key developments of 1532, and notes on Portugal’s slavery system in Brazil