New e-book soon: ‘War Diary: Lebanon 2006’

Today is the fifth anniversary of the beginning of that terrible march of folly, the Israel-Lebanon war of 2006. So I’m delighted to announce today that my publishing company, Just World Books, will shortly be publishing as a short e-book War Diary: Lebanon 2006, by the Lebanese social activist (and AUB professor) Rami Zurayk.
I think it’ll take us 10-14 days to get the e-book up and available for you to purchase. It will cost $4.00 and have around 40 pages. I’m hoping to be able to take advance orders for it very soon.
More about the book later. But you can find some good details about it if you go to that web-page for it.

5 thoughts on “New e-book soon: ‘War Diary: Lebanon 2006’”

  1. Other possible titles: Victory of Hope, the Beginning of the End, the Turning of the Tide, the Demolition of the Myth of Zionist Invincibility, Nil Desperandum

  2. Why do you call it a war. An illegal attack ,invasion, or occupation is just that. The US did not go to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The US soldiers and Afghan civilians are dying in an illegal invasion. Killing Afghans with drones is a cowerdly act by cowardly people afraid to openly attack. Who will appear in court like the Serbs. Why does the US not recognise the International Court.

  3. From a purely military perspective, 2006 was a great success for Hezbollah: they captured Israeli soldiers in Israel, ambushed the relief force, made a ground push into Metulla, and bombarded the border and the rear sufficiently to impede any Israeli emergency services response. I fully expect that the wrong lessons will be learned and that the next war will be apocalyptic, perhaps sufficient to end emergency and infrastructure services throughout large areas of Israel and Lebanon. Implementation of 1701 would be a solution, or at least both sides should solidify relations with UNIFIL sufficiently to hobble the usual process of escalation.
    They are very sincere and very successful, so I hope that conditions on the Lebanese political scene will make such wonderful victories less attractive to Hezbollah.

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