A fabulous day!

… That was yesterday. My daughter Leila successfully gave birth to her second child, Alfreda Rose, at the end of a sometimes difficult pregnancy. She got great medical care, nearly all of which was covered by the contract that she and other teachers in the NY public school system have as a result of the continuing strength of their union.
Baby Alfie weighed in well and seems to be very healthy. Leila said she had a hard time in labor but in the photo her husband sent of her and Alfie shortly after the delivery, Leila looks transcendentally beautiful. I shall join them all in New York tomorrow, G-d willing.
(I mention the teacher’s union thing because there is a vicious campaign here in the U.S. to slash the power of the teachers’ union and all other public-sector unions. Do these people want to support and retain great teachers like Leila and her colleagues or do they want to drive them onto the street?)
… Anyway, this is one of the reasons I’ve been a bit distracted in recent weeks.
Yesterday’s news about the Fateh-Hamas reconciliation deal was also, imho, very positive. If I have time I’ll put up a separate quick post about that.

8 thoughts on “A fabulous day!”

  1. What H. calls “a fabulous day” is simply a temporary truce by Hamas prior to their full and final takeover of Fatah. Haters of Israel — you know who you are — will permit themselves to be deluded, but Israel will not be fooled.

  2. I’m leaving the above comment from “Abe from Estonia” on the site as an illustration of how blind to context and common humanity the hatred and ill-will of the hasbaristas has made them. Though frankly it disturbs me a lot when, in response to me sharing something quite personal about my daughter having successfully come through a difficult pregnancy, someone can write something as mean-spirited as that.
    Abe, normal people can have even intense political differences and still be kind and courteous to each other. But not, apparently, you.

  3. Yes, of course, Helena, you are absolutely correct
    about your daughter, but what about the awful
    slaughter of innocents currently taking place
    in Syria whose ruler you have praised, fawned over
    and supported. Is it fair or logical to expect better treatment for yourself than you are willing to extend to others?

  4. Ms. Cobban, I want to apologize for making what was clearly an inappropriate comment. What happened was that I got mixed up about the thread I was posting on. Still, what I did was wrong, and I am sorry. Please understand, however, that I think your postings about Israel are hideous, and that I in no way apologize for thinking so. Best wishes to
    your daughter and her baby.

  5. wonderful news helena! i don’t visit for a couple days and look what i miss! super congrats and welcome to the wonderful world baby alfie rose, and what a wonderful name that is.

  6. I wish you and your grand family and especially to your beautifully wonderful baby Alfie rose all the best.

  7. I wish you and your grand family and especially to your beautifully wonderful baby Alfie rose all the best.

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