Agents provocateurs in Cairo?

Issandr’s reporting on this from 1 a.m. Friday Cairo time is very worrying:

    I have received eyewitness reports from three people that Central Security Forces (the riot control police) are pulling out of multiple locations in Cairo. Plainclothes security has been seen at various locations pouring gasoline on vehicles and setting them on fire, also trying to burn storefronts in the following Downtown Cairo locations:
    * Falaki Square
    * Omraneya
    * Near the American University in Cairo
    Earlier in the day, I received an eyewitness report from a friend in Downtown Cairo (near Champollion Street) that policemen were loading vans with clubs, nails, metal bars and other objects that could be used as weapons by Baltaguiya, the hired thugs sometimes used by police to attack protestors.

There are, of course, many more ways for the regime to disregard international calls for nonviolence than simply by opening up with guns on protesters.

2 thoughts on “Agents provocateurs in Cairo?”

  1. Well….those tactics used in this case have similarity with what US mercenaries done in Iraq and other tactics used by US and other hiring those thugs and killers for killing Iraqi.
    I wonder were been the eyewitness from that in Iraq…..but were all phone lines, internet and power down did any one have the ability to communicate without side world.

  2. That linked site ( seems to be down, in a wierd fashion. The server answers, but deliever blank pages…

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