Laila El-Haddad and Josh Foust books: on Amazon!

It has been a crazy and wonderful week! We launched Josh Foust’s book Afghanistan Journal on Tuesday. Just prior to that, both his book and Laila El-Haddad’s Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between went up for sale on Amazon. I’ve been completing the work on the hardcover version of Chas Freeman’s book America’s Misadventures in the Middle East. And the team were all working along to finalize publication of Reidar Visser’s book A Responsible End? the United States and the Iraqi Transition, 2005-2010 when Reidar wrote to say (metaphorically) “Hold the presses! The Iraqis are about to start forming their new government, and that will be the appropriate end-point for my book!”
So we held off on completing his book. The Iraqi pols did indeed, on Thursday, take the step that brought to an end the presidential council– and thus also, in Visser’s view, the period of “transition” of which the council had been a prominent feature. On Thursday, he wrote a magisterial blog post summing up the dramatic developments of the day; and yesterday he incorporated that new material and a bit of commentary upon it into the final version of the book. He and we are now reviewing the final PDFs of the book… and the first copies of the 300-page tome will be printed on Monday.
Speedy turnaround, or what?
By the way, if you’re in DC, you might still be able to get into Laila’s book launch— next Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Palestine Center.
Any of these books would make great holiday gifts for your family and friends! All are informative, lively, beautifully produced, and affordably priced. You can access all of them as they are published, through our still-developing Just World Books page on Amazon. (Visser’s will take another 7-10 days to get up there.)
We are not, unfortunately, able to give discounts on any retail purchases of our books. But if your community group or a group of friends wants to buy 12 or more JWB books in one purchase, contact us to hear about our terms for that.

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