U.S. supports Taliban talks; Still opposing Hamas??

So here are Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and SecDef Bob Gates now saying they support– and are giving active support to– the Afghan government’s initiative to negotiate with the Taliban. But the U.S. government continues to completely oppose any attempt by any parties, Palestinian or other, to reach out and deal with the Hamas government that, lest we forget, was democratically elected in Palestine in January 2006.
How does that work again? And why?
Let us remember about those January 2006 elections that the ground-rules for their conduct, including who could run and how the elections would be organized, were all agreed to in advance by Washington (and Israel). And the elections themselves were universally judged free and fair. But when those candidates from the pro-Hamas “Change and Reform” party ended up winning, Washington and Israel immediately joined in throwing a tight blockade around Gaza and funding and mobilizing anti-democratic, Contras-like forces within Palestinian society with the aim of overthrowing the elected leadership.
Potent warnings also went out at that time– from israel but with Washington’s clear backing– that any Palestinian independent politician who would join a Hamas-led coalition would be a target for “the very worst outcome” possible.
Human rights and women’s rights? The records on these issues of the two movements– Taliban and Hamas– are like night and day. Hamas is an enthusiastic proponent of women’s education and the full integration of women into all areas of society. Hamas even has four or five female MP’s. Indeed, many Palestinians say it was the women’s vote that gave Hamas its victory in 2006.
So once again, could somebody tell me: Why support negotiations with the Taliban, but continue ruthlessly opposing and suppressing Hamas?

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  1. Why?
    Perhaps because they are cynical, unprincipled and utterly contemptuous of public opinion.
    Such has been the case at least since Benjamin Franklin welcomed the Paxton Boys into Philadelphia.

  2. The problem with Afghanistan is different from Iraq!!
    “For 7 or 8 months,” Colabuno tells me, “all we hear about is ‘Iran is doing all [of the attacks], Iran is behind everything.’ There was frustration from them [Fallujah’s locals] because we wouldn’t ‘admit it.’ Like maybe the U.S. was conspiring with Iran.”
    “We’d stress in our SITREPS [situation reports] that in order to get these people on our side, we’ve got to play into their fears abut Iran,” he adds.


  3. Why?
    The primary goal of the Made in Israel War on Islam is to paint any and all Islamic societies as backward, lazy, dirty, uneducated, primitive and poverty-stricken. Hence the wholesale destruction of civil infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, business premises, water and sewage treatment plants etc.
    The reason America supports Israel in this endeavor that the US Congress is populated almost exclusively by self-interested people who enter Congress to enrich themselves by selling their vote to the highest bidder(s).
    In no particular order the highest bidders are
    The pro-Israel lobby,
    The Military-Industrial Complex (there’s a recent article on Walt FP.com with an embedded link to a website listing the military contractors who contribute to a lobbying fund – there are many dozens including all the well-known weapons manufacturers).
    The (still unregulated) banksters.
    Various insurance lobbies – most notably health insurers.
    Anti-union and anti-wage oversight corporate lobbies.
    It was always predictable that this would be the end-game for (US-style) totalitarian capitalism.
    And, with the foxes now completely in control of the hen-house, its end is nigh.

  4. Helena the answer very obvious and ready for those they knew why these war and what for and how long will be if we things this long war as such far from the reality is an occupation of land and destruction of the state and society to restructure things as US can keep them as along as possible with help their poppets gangs.
    As for Afghanistan there was an article published in Independent about two months ago (I do not have the link for it) talking about the finding of wealth in Afghanistan stated:
    U.S. geologists just found some $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan. What’s next for the war-torn country?
    In regards to Iraq Helena, I think every one knows well informed about the wealth of Iraq in matter of oil and other things “check why US Military Trucks working 24 for months removing a mountain from North Iraq toward Turkey in 1991.
    Helena few years back you been in a summits about Future of Iraqi Oil held in London you did participated there although you did not mentioned any details what that summate all about and what fingers about Iraqi oil wealth, netherless Iraq will be on the top of the list of oil production within few years if things move forward but not for the benefits of all Iraqis and their state.
    US brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq which never been breeding ground for them, after more than seven years Iranian Mullah gangs US protecting, working with them and breeding them we got “Taliban” in Iraq, read the story here:

    محافظون جدد فاسدون ولا يزالون يعيشون في عصور ماقبل التاريخ ويعتبرون النور والثقافة المتنورة والموسيقى كفر وضلالة ويعملون على عودة الناس الى الكهوف والظلام،ويحلمون في تكميم افواه الناس والتستر على احزابهم الطائفية الفاسدة وعلى محاولاتهم الحميمة لبيع العراق في سوق النخاسة.اليوم لا يضمر الشعب العراقي الفساد والافساد في النفوس،انما يتحدث به جهارا في الشوارع والازقة،في المقاهي والمنتديات،في الدهاليز الحكومية،بين افراد العائلة.يتحدث عن الوزير او نائبه او المدير العام او الموظف وحتى التاجر والمرابي والاسطة والمهربجي والشيخ ومولانا والمحافظ ومجلسه الميمون وزعيم العصابة الذين ما انفكوا يسرقون ويسرقون ويشترون العقارات داخل المدن العراقية،او خارج العراق في دبي وعمان،او يفتحون المكاتب التجارية(النشيطة)هنا وهناك،او يودعون المبالغ الخيالية في مختلف المصارف!!وهناك من المسؤولين الكبار من يعمل في جرائم تهريب المشتقات النفطية والآثار العراقية والمخدرات وغسيل الاموال بتآزر اطراف مختلفة وتعاون اجرامي من دول الجوار العراقي.

    محافظة بابل ..انياب ام عورات فاسدة! – سلام كبة
    The above points are the answers for you very “innocent” question?

  5. According to the Israeli military spokesman’s office, a total of 165 rockets and mortars have been launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel so far this year.
    Haaretz, today.

  6. Here is the story may raise the question, is it all those Rockets really Palestinians/ Hamass launched them?
    A new book says a cabinet member proposed letting Saddam kill an American airman as a pretext for war>

    Early on in my days as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we had small, weekly White House breakfasts in National Security Advisor Sandy Berger’s office that included me, Sandy, Bill Cohen (Secretary of Defense), Madeleine Albright (Secretary of State), George Tenet (head of the CIA), Leon Firth (VP chief of staff for security), Bill Richardson (ambassador to the U.N.), and a few other senior administration officials. These were informal sessions where we would gather around Berger’s table and talk about concerns over coffee and breakfast served by the White House dining facility. It was a comfortable setting that encouraged brainstorming of potential options on a variety of issues of the day.


  7. Salah,
    So are you suggesting that possibly Israel is launching the rockets against itself as a pretext for it’s oppresion of Gaza? Hm, maybe that’s why they’re so inaccurate and rarely harm anyone. You may be on to something. Then again maybe Israel’s stranglehold on Gaza prevents materials from getting in that could make the rockets more accurate and more deadly?
    To a thinking person which would sound more plausible?

  8. David
    If Amarican done, what mak you as “o a thinking person” that Israel not make such things like what US done?

  9. i think the answer is in the words of the WH official in the newsweek article:

    “Even to suggest an opening to Hamas would blow every fuse in the Israeli political establishment,
    ” says an administration official who asked not to be named …….“The blowback here would be extreme,” says Robert Malley, a former member of President Clinton’s Mideast peace team now at the International Crisis Group.

  10. David
    Apart from their key role in taking America to war against Iraq, what do the answers to questions 1 to 19 all have in common?
    1. Albert Wohlstetter
    2. Oded Yinon
    3. Richard Perle
    4. William Kristol and Robert Kagan
    5. David Wurmser
    6. Paul Wolfowitz
    7. Joseph Lieberman
    8. William Safire
    9. Eliot Cohen
    10. David Frum
    11. Norman Podhoretz
    12. Kenneth Adelman
    13. Charles Krauthammer
    14. Benjamin Netanyahu
    15. Philip Zelikow
    16. Elliott Abrams
    17. Lewis “Scooter” Libby
    18. Douglas Feith
    19. Bernard Lewis
    How many of the above names holding or related to Israelies in such away David?
    They are all Khazari Zionists.

  11. “The primary goal of the Made in Israel War on Islam is to paint any and all Islamic societies as backward, lazy, dirty, uneducated, primitive and poverty-stricken. Hence the wholesale destruction of civil infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, business premises, water and sewage treatment plants etc.”
    And the latest wave of Amrican Jihadis is making that paint job really easy. From the Manhattan Pakistani, to the Fort Hood Palestinian these folks are painting themselves with a paint rollers as they scream Allahu Akbar.

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