End-of-August Open Thread

I’m on a short vacation with the family. Until I can resume posting here, I’ll moderate your comments and post the sensible ones. (If I get the internet connection and the time to do so, that is.)

7 thoughts on “End-of-August Open Thread”

  1. Judging by what you seem to consider sensible (meaning anything that softsells the vicious policies of the the Obama Regime), I find it unlikely that anything actually sensible will make it past your gatekeeping.

  2. The current cover story of Atlantic Monthly postulates about the bombing of Iran. Now, I read the piece on line and I did not read that those who advocate such a policy are reckless and irresponsible and deserve neither are trust nor our votes.
    I wrote about my own experience in Iran on History News Network: Lessons from Iran.
    Bottom line: If Iran is bombed by a country in the Middle East then the U.S. government will probably get involved, possibly using nukes to contain the military repercussions. After that, the world we know will likely be in chaos-economic and social and military- for a prolonged period.
    If it isn’t in chaos after such an action they got lucky, very lucky and the world will have lived on edge using luck and we will know that at the helm of our ship of state are nothing more than gamblers, rank gamblers. What are the odds of a rosy scenario?

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