More on America’s pro-Israeli warmongers

Over at Lobelog, Eli Clifton and Daniel Luban have been doing a great job of keeping tabs on the many neocon and tightly pro-Likud groups that have been springing up in the U.S., trying to create the impression there’s a “growing groundswell of opinion” that wants the U.S. to attack Iran, and thereby trying to push Pres. Obama into doing so.
These groups are often called “astroturf” groups, since they simulate the actions of more genuine grassroots movements.
Read Eli and Daniel’s recent posts on this here: 1, 2, 3, 4.
You would think that the people who jack-knifed the U.S. power elite and a large chunk of the U.S. public into supporting the disastrous and tragic invasion of Iraq seven years ago would have been too ashamed to show their faces in public, ever again. But no. Here they are. Again. These people have no shame.
“Keep Israel Safe!” “Emergency Committee for Israel”, etc etc. What arrant and mendacious nonsense.
What these people propose certainly won’t do anything to bring safety to the peoples of either the U.S., or Israel.
As Steve Walt writes about the so-called “Emergency Committee”: “Its members must think Israel is in real trouble, but what they don’t seem to realize is that it is their advice that has helped lead to its current difficulties…”
Anyway, if you’re concerned about the machinations of these well-funded astroturf warmongers, head over to Lobelog and learn all about them.

5 thoughts on “More on America’s pro-Israeli warmongers”

  1. that wants the U.S. to attack Iran
    A joke of bad test, read the history, see Iraq, US loving Mullah with Iranian’s souls and hearts
    US will never attack Iran I am here and you are there waiting and see.

  2. “You would think that the people … would have been too ashamed to show their faces in public”
    They must consider the invasion of Iraq a big success; otherwise they would not try to replicate this scam against Iran.
    I can see someone with the mindset of Jack Abramoff doing this.

  3. It’s important to keep up with the hardline prowar neocon right, but what continues to be insane and maddening is the way every single alternapundit continues to push the myth of Obama the Secret Peacemaker. NO ONE HAS BEEN PUSHING THE WAR PROPAGANDA HARDER THAN THE OBAMA REGIME, but somehow Obama is getting political cover on his warmongering from the entire alterna-net.
    This is sickening and wrong. It’s factually wrong and it’s ethically wrong.

  4. Too bad there is no way to link these astroturf groups to money siphoned off of American aid to Israel.
    We pay the Taliban to let aid pass to the troops. And I’ll bet anything that underwriters of the Israel lobby are simply laundering US aid back into the political system.
    Oh sure, they’re “consultants” with lucrative contracts with GOI!

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