Sloggers slogged?

Back in December 2006, when a strange new quasi-news outfit called “IraqSlogger” emerged, I blogged my concerns about the organization here and here.
Now it turns out that Eason Jordan and Robert Young Pelton the two ethically challenged adventurers behind that short-lived project moved on from there to the world of intelligence gathering on contract to the U.S military in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Back in December ’06, I wrote,

    basically, this company is mixing up the job of making available a free news-reporting service with that of hiring themselves out as private intel consultants/providers, offering themselves to the highest bidders. Very disquieting. In my experience, there is quite enough suspicion out there in the world about the role of journalists and the media without a company coming along that explicitly seeks to mix the role of journalists with that of intelligence collectors and analysts.

Boy, did I call that one. (It wasn’t hard. Those guys were pathetic amateurs.)