BDS comes to U.C. Berkeley

Yes, Alan Dershowitz, eat your heart out, the student senate at U.C. Berkeley voted 16-4 last night to “urge the University of California to divest from companies who have supplied the state of Israel with materials used in alleged war crimes.”
Scroll down in the comments section here (Carl Randall) to get the news on the final vote.
That report, from the Daily Cal, says,

    proponents said the bill is the first step in an expected long-term process to convince the UC Board of Regents to pull total investments of about $135 million from five companies currently supplying Israel with electronics and weapons, opponents contended it unfairly targets Israel.

Also read Russell Bates’s comments there.

10 thoughts on “BDS comes to U.C. Berkeley”

  1. Boy, if this keeps up Alan Dershowitz is really
    gonna be in a world of trouble.
    March 18 (Reuters) – Israel’s economic performance index, or “S” index, rose 0.2 percent in February, its 12th increase in a row, the Bank of Israel said on Thursday.
    “The rise in the index, following gains in recent months, points to a continued recovery in economic activity,” the central bank said in a statement

  2. The case of Allen Dershowitz is kind of sad. Starting as a person with deep concern for civil rights here and human rights in the world at large, he has devolved, entirely through the bias of his ethnic identity, into a shill for atrocities and human rights abuses, as long as they are committed by the right people against the right people. It’s said every man has his price and now we know his…

  3. I believe that Israel has been behaving very much like Nazi Germany vis-a-vis the Palestinians. Yes, there are no gas chambers, but the WHite Phosphorus used to create fire storms over Gaza and the intesnive carpet bombing we saw last year indicate that Israel is using Nazi tactics against the nearly totally helpless Palestinians.
    This is why it is impeative that the world uses the same determination used to rid the world of Nazism to rid the world of Israel.
    Israel is simply a Nazi state that happens to be Jewish period.

  4. Oh, ‘Truth’, did you even bother to read that link you sent? What on earth is the credibility of the report described there:
    The detailed 500-page report, obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post, was written by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (Malam), a small research group led by Col. (res.) Reuven Erlich, a former Military Intelligence officer who works closely with the army. The IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) cooperated with the report’s authors… Work on the Malam report began immediately after former judge Richard Goldstone issued his damning report of Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip in September…
    Why do you bother to come here and purvey this ridiculous propaganda?

  5. Ridiculous propaganda? I did read the link and
    found it eminently more credible than 90 percent of the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish porn that
    circulates freely on your website.
    Why is there no comment from you on the post previous to mine that calls Israel a Jewish,
    Nazi state. I think it is because you completely
    agree with what that poster says but lack the guts to openly acknowledge.

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