Excellent BDS victory in Brussels!

Lengthy efforts by those trying to get targeted sanctions imposed against products made in Israel’s illegal settlements have won a great victory in the European High Court. It ruled today that setlement products cannot benefit from the free trade agreement the EU has with Israel.
The case in question involved water-carbonating machines and syrup made by Soda-Club, which is based in the nasty, sprawling settlement of Maale Adumim. The German company Brita objected to paying import duty on these items. The Hamburg Finance Court had earlier ruled that Brita should indeed pay such duties. Brita appealed to the High Court– and the BDS forces won!
The court’s decision also noted that “the Israeli authorities are obliged to provide sufficient information to enable the real origin of products to be determined.” That is also important, given the misleading labeling many settlement-based manufacturers have engaged in.
Locating businesses inside the settlements has been important to Israel’s powerful pro-settlement forces because (1) they enable the settlers to work close to home, (2) they generate some tax revenues to help administer the settlements– in addition to the vast subsidies from central government, that is, and (3) they help “normalize” the whole idea and reality of settlements within the socio-economic life of Israel and its trading partners.
But now the EU, which is Israel’s largest trading partner, is saying a resounding NO! to that normalization.
(I should note that though I called this a victory for the ‘sanctions’ part of the BDS movement, strictly speaking it is not a sanction/punishment to make the settlers pay normal import duties on products exported to Europe. In truth, it is the withholding of a benefit/reward. But why on earth should Israel– or its settlers– get rewarded for anything??)

6 thoughts on “Excellent BDS victory in Brussels!”

  1. I’ve had my own private little BDS movement. Whenever I see peppers from Israel at my supermarket, some get punched. Who wants peppers with thumholes? Childish yes, but infinitely satisfying. Lately, I’m seeing more and more peppers from Spain.

  2. A great victory but the question now is: how can we control the real origin of those products coming from Israel? Should we just trust what Israel writes on the labels? Or would European authorities be allowed to go to Israel and control it?

  3. Jeez, is this how Alastair Northedge – famed professor of Islamic Art and Architecture – spends his free hours — roaming the Paris markets poking holes in vegetables marked “made in Israel?”
    Alastair, you ‘d better hope the French authorities don’t learn of your hobby. Unless you fancy sharpening your Arabic skills in Fleury-Mérogis.

  4. But now the EU, which is Israel’s largest trading partner,
    Somewhat misleading, as the United states remains Israel’s largest market for israeli exports.
    Funny that the “BDS movement” now seems to target only Israeli settlements. Once upon a time it referred to the nations entire output. Maybe the alastairs and kassandras are realizing how much Israeli merchandise they use daily (CPUs,software, psych meds eg). I think this is called “defining victory down.”

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