In Boston Review forum– on Afghanistan

I have a contribution in this latest Boston Review forum on Afghanistan. The forum is built around a great piece of reporting by Nir Rosen.
I wish I’d had more time to work on my contribution. But given the time constraints I was under, I’m pretty happy about it.
There are some other good contributions there, too. I haven’t read them all yet; but I looked at Andy Bacevich’s and it’s filled with his usual good sense.
Fwiw, my life has been extremely busy since I took on this job at CNI two months ago. The job has involved a ton more administration than I’d envisaged, and has left just about zero time or energy to do anything else. In fact, this BR contribution is the only non-CNI work I’ve done since October 20.
My very first contribution to BR, back in 2001, was this contribution to a forum they were running on the one-state project in Palestine/Israel. At that time, I was against it, mainly because of its political unfeasibility. As I have noted elsewhere about this piece, “My views later evolved.”
Hey, maybe my views on the unwinnability of the US’s war in Afghanistan might “evolve”, too. At this point, though, I am not expecting that they will…
And here, obviously, is something else very sad about my work load. I haven’t had time to do any JWN blogging… Boo-hoo…
Anyway, if anyone’s reading this, Have a Great Christmas/Holiday time!

6 thoughts on “In Boston Review forum– on Afghanistan”

  1. Join Abdelhafid Dib’s comment and wishes for Christmas and the upcoming Chinese Year of the Tiger 2010.
    Is the world accelerating into its Eastern phase?

  2. rachid,
    What a shadowy site you linked? Grey Verdict Image,
    We’ve tested millions of websites, but we haven’t tested this one yet. Be the first one to submit feedback on it!

    Why not come forward and expose yourself real?

  3. Thanks for the link/post HC. we miss u. Hope all your efforts at your new gig bear great fruit.
    To Salah, coming from you, a call for “exposure” about someone else’s actual identity, oh my… dat’s delightfully rich.

  4. Now why would anyone be reading this?
    Ha ha. Good on ya, Helena.
    Just keep movin’ on, and remember what Satchel Paige said: “Don’t look back: Something may be gaining on you.”

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