Startling news

First, Iran and the US have just announced the appointment of ambassadors to each other. Impressive choices. According to The Iranian,

Mr. Haji Firooz will be representing the Islamic Republic of Iran as ambassador to Washington and Dr. Azar Nafisi will serve as the U.S. ambassador to Tehran. These distinguished individuals have been carefully selected for their deep understanding of political and cultural matters in our respective countries and we are confident that they will take important steps in rebuilding ties between our two great nations.

No doubt. As will the recent exceptionally balanced Miller Center/PBS debate over whether or not to bomb Iran.
The most startling news of the day comes from Jim Wallis who explains here how he parted the Red Sea in getting Rush Limbaugh to speak at a Sojourners “Mobilization to End Poverty.” I had heard Wallis was building bridges to conservatives, but this one surprised me. Just the other day, I heard Rush going on and on about how the “the vast majority” of CEO’s getting huge bonuses and government bailouts were “liberals.” Here’s the youtube clip from Limbaugh’s Sojourners address.

4 thoughts on “Startling news”

  1. Um, Scott, I think you’ve just been suckered by that bizarre western custom called April Fooling? (Or were you perpetrating/perpetuating someone else’s AF?)

  2. Oh indubitably, indeed, my friends. Tis dat time of year for the venerable April yarns, mixed with some … um…. “light” commentary.
    Remember two years ago — that eco-friendly solution to the broadband divides?
    Anyway, the Sojourners crew sure put a lot of effort into that Rush video! Simply splendiferous.
    Alas, the referenced Miller Center event actually happened. I wish it was an April Fool’s joke.

  3. occurs to me that folks who don’t follow Iran matters might also need a little encouragement to check the links, especially to the “personages” of Azar Nafisi and the esteemed Mr. Firooz. Nice piece of satire by the Iranian.

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