Note on my Inbar interview

I have just written up and posted onto this blog a lengthy account of the interview I conducted with Efraim Inbar here in Jerusalem, on Sunday. I did it in the form of more or less straight news reporting, though with occasional injections of the first person– mainly, as a way to keep the account as lively and ‘immediate’ as possible. It does not contain my commentary, and has precious little analysis in it, either.
I wrote it in this form so that it could be republished as widely as possible as a useful account/exploration of the thinking of someone whose assessments will almost certainly be consulted by Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu once he has completed his task of coalition formation.
Commentary can come later.
Just two requests to anyone who does decide to republish the interview, whether in English or any language: First, as with all the material on JWN, this is published under a Creative Commons license, which means you must give full attribution to me and JWN (preferably with a link to JWN), and you can only freely republish it in not-for-profit contexts; for republication in any other context, a prior agreement on terms must be concluded with me.
Secondly, I’d really appreciate it if anyone republishing this could drop me a note telling me where else it’s appeared, if possible with a link to that other platform. Thanks!