Healing Wounds of War: Local Film Series

Here in Charlottesville we’re being treated to an unusual Sunday evening film series, hosted by our local Mennonite Church.
This Sunday, March 1st, For the Love of Tomorrow tells the story of how one woman, a member of the French Resistance against the Nazis, overcame intense hatred to become a key force transforming relations between Germany and France.
Two weeks later, on March 15th, The Imam and the Pastor considers how a Nigerian Christian pastor and a Muslim Imam went from being mortal enemies as bloodied militia leaders to co-directors of a Muslim-Christian Interfaith Mediation Center. I’m especially curious about how this happened.
Closing out March, on the 29th, The Radicals examines how early anabaptists refused to take sides in the religious wars of the 16th and 17th Century, considers why their stand threatened the established political orders, and ponders why they deemed their peacemaking model worth the terrible cost.
Each film will begin at 6:30 at the Charlottesville Mennonite Church. (intersection of Monticello Ave & Avon Street) All are invited; pre-film snacks at 6:00 p.m.; childcare provided; brief discussion after each film.
Footnote to the last film: Among the actors in “The Radicals” is the late Mark Lenard, best known to Star Trek fans as Sarek of Vulcan, father of Spock. “Live long and prosper.” (Or if you prefer, “be well and at peace.”)

2 thoughts on “Healing Wounds of War: Local Film Series”

  1. I’ve received some interesting private responses. One mused about how all the major world religions have too often catalyzed the worst of wars and slaughters. All too true I’d lament — and yet I hold out the hope that within each of these traditions, the greatest seeds for conflict transformation remain as yet unplanted.
    To the third in the film series, “The Radicals,” another person mused that while the Catholic, Lutheran & Reformed churches behaved a bit like the Taliban in the 16th Century, they have indeed come a long way…. Progress?

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