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Some news and opinions from Middle East bloggers.
From Gaza, with Love:
8th of January -13th day of the Israeli Attack against Gaza
720 are killed
including :-
215 children
89 women
12 1st aid health workers
more than 3000 are injured many with serious injuries
11 ambulances were attacked and destroyed while on duty
a Palestinian mother:
The military offensive in the Gaza Strip is affecting civilians indiscriminately, while medical teams continue to face serious obstacles to providing assistance, the international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said today. The international community must not be content with a limited truce, which MSF said is largely inadequate for providing life-saving assistance.
The Gaza Blog:
‘This is not like the previous invasions – this time they mean to kill us. There is no escape.’
Israeli human rights groups:
Maysa’ a-Samuni, 19, tells how on 4 Jan., Israeli soldiers ordered her entire extended family to gather in one building. The next morning, as some members tried to leave, the army shelled the building, killing and wounding dozens.

from Sderot:
We all know that sometime (hopefully very soon) there will be some kind of agreement and both sides will talk. We all know that this agreement will not disarm either side and remove the treat of future hostilities. However it will be reached. Why then did so many civilians have to pay such an appalling price for the stupidity and incompetence of our leaders? I am both furious, heartbroken to see how our region has fallen so deep into this tragedy which could have been avoided in the first place.
Israel is engulfed once more with righteous fury that translates into destructive policies in the Gaza Strip. This appalling self-justification for the inhumanity and impunity is not just annoying, it is a subject worth dwelling on, if one wants to understand the international immunity for the massacre that rages on in Gaza.
7iber (Jordan):
The Medical Campaign: Building on our successful 48-hour, food and clothes campaign, 7iber has decided to focus its energies on raising funds for much-needed medical supplies for Gaza, based on cooperating with people in the field. We have already raised over 15,000JDs but our goal is to double this figure in order to purchase expensive equipment, including kidney dialysis machines. At the moment, we need around 6000JDs [$85] to buy a machine by Thursday the 14th of January 2009.
foreign policy blog:
Israel’s air strikes, taking Hamas as their putative target, have highlighted a rift in the Arab world that has been evident since Hamas defeated Fatah in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections. It is, at its root, a battle of approaches – a conflict between the negotiators and the rejectionists, between those Fatah supporters who blame Hamas for initiating conflict with Israel, and those Hamas backers who paint Fatah and its Arab allies as complicit in Israeli atrocities.


As the Palestinian death toll approaches 400, much of popular anger throughout the Arab world has been directed at Egypt — seen by many as complicit in the Israeli campaign. “Israel would not have hit Gaza like this without a green light from Egypt,” Hamdi Hassan, MP for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition movement, told IPS. “The Egyptian government allowed this assault on Gaza in hopes of finishing off Hamas.”
What can we do for Ghazzeh? I have been thinking of how we can really help instead of just being passive.

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  1. if the israeli want to stop the rockets the simply would have destroyed the tunnels.. but no they simply want to destroy the civillians in gaza

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