‘Locals’ as the new ‘natives’

I am getting really fed up with media and other depictions of the indigenous people of any country/state/region as “locals.” It very often has the same patronizing, imperialistic overtones to it as the now debased term “natives.”
Does anyone else feel the same way?

12 thoughts on “‘Locals’ as the new ‘natives’”

  1. Yes, Helena, I absolutely DO feel the same way and have from the beginning.
    Another, similarly offensive term in the same context is “friendlies”.

  2. This sort of condescension was even worse in cold war times, but not a frivolous as today. I think that the frivolity of America is really beginning to get on peoples nerves.

  3. Amen…that and the ubiquitous “militants” which seems to describe any of those “locals” who don’t accept US hegemony or happen to be around when that hegemony is being bestowed on them.

  4. Can anything beat the use of ‘anti-Iraqi violence’ by CPA spokespeople when characterizing the insurgency?
    Orwellian times …

  5. I agree about the anti-Iraqi violence distortion. And one of my other linguistic pet peeves is the use of the term “insurgency” when one is speaking about the resistance. :o}
    What happened in Iraq in 1991 was an insurgency. What is happening now is not.

  6. I use the term “locals” whenever I’m in a “discussion” with a Bush supporter about al-Qeada in Iraq. Many of them think Bin Laden sent the “terrurists” to Iraq and they support our invasion for that reason.

  7. A question about a “used-to-be- local”: does anyone know what has happened to Riverbend?

  8. Riverbend, a proud Iraqi, was last heard of trying to adjust to being a refugee in Syria.
    What an extraordinarily talented writer that young woman is! I hope she’s writing up a storm, for publication in some form, some day…
    Does anyone else have further news of her? I’ve fallen out of touch with her.

  9. Helena, what more you need to hear about Iraqi crises that done by your folks?
    Follow Obama and give visit to Bubble Green Zone and come back telling us, or asked your friend Scott he got his Son there using his skills for building bridges to…IRA?…..for US bases on Highways in Baghdad and other places but not for Iraqis as he claiming

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