Hometown C’ville speaking gig on Iran, Monday

I will be speaking– along with Iran analyst Carah Ong– at this event next Monday evening, in Charlottesville. If you’re anywhere near, come along and bring your neighbors.
It is important for Virginians, like all Americans, to get a vivid understanding of the dangers of the escalatory moves that some of our fellow-citizens and congressional reps are continuing to push for, regarding Iran… and to continue to build the constituency for de-escalation and meaningful negotiations, even with governments with whom we have disagreements. (That’s called “diplomacy.”)
And yes, copies of my Re-engage! book will also be for sale there.

One thought on “Hometown C’ville speaking gig on Iran, Monday”

  1. If you come to Connecticut, I’ll be there. Please tell us if you come. Anything you talk about will be fine with me.

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