6 thoughts on “Bush in Vietnam”

  1. Nice try for a (5-7-5 syllable) Haiku, Helena. In sincere appreciation, please allow me to respond with:
    In Hanoi at last
    Red-carpet in return for
    Our carpet-bombing
    The words no one heard,
    Due so many years after:
    “We apologize”
    It never ceases to amaze me how when George W. Bush deliberately “lowers expectations” so as not to have to achieve anything, that nonetheless he always manages to disappoint us even when we expect less than nothing of him.

  2. I still like Helena’s off-beat 5-8-5 better. But your last line, Michael, is a classic.
    Here’s one more:
    Into the dark night
    Our Republic may go,
    Lest we leave Iraq.
    In such case, peace be
    next granted one Palestine,
    sooner than we thought.
    For now the world knows
    what violent dominance brought,
    a neo-con end.

  3. Well done, Sd. Under your stimulating influence I thought I’d add more to:
    “A Hanoi Haiku” (continued …)
    Deputy Dubya
    Sheriff Cheney’s Barney Fife
    Lost in Mayberry
    Gullible Goofy
    The boy who cried Wolfowitz
    Far too many times
    Emerald City
    Naked ruler’s brand new clothes
    Viewed through glasses green
    Mission Accomplished!
    A cakewalk in its last throes
    Now a glacier race
    Four Years an “instant”
    Nothing happens right away
    What did you expect?
    Broken-egg om’lets
    George Orwell’s Catastrophic
    Shop till the troops drop
    Buy a plane ticket or two
    Your part in the “war”
    Rob the future now
    They will never break our will
    Those grandkids of ours
    Lecture the victors
    About their First and Second
    Indochina Wars
    Where did we get him?
    How come we can’t do better?
    We look so stupid
    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2006

  4. Sad the dying of
    Sons of American Moms
    and Arabs also.
    Fortunate Israel’s
    Moms do not lose many sons
    in these “terror” wars.
    This must be the way
    that globalization plays
    on our earth today.

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