6-power overture to Iran working?

Iran’s positive response to the international negotiators’ overture is really exciting. Long may this progress towards de-escalation in the Persian/Arabian Gulf and the broader region continue!
Wednesday is the 25th anniversary of Israel’s bombing of the Iraqi nuclear plant at Tuwaitha (Osirak). I’m planning something special here on JWN to mark the occasion.
Oh, and look who‘s sending out a fundraising letter urging a tough US position against Iran. That would be AIPAC… Well, I guess after the Bush administration started thinking a bit harder about the 2,480 US body-bags that resulted from the last successful piece of warmongering by AIPAC and its allies, they decided that maybe there was a better way of doing things…

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  1. …AIPAC …Israel counter… etc. etc.
    I’m so sorry that the Jewish lobby hurt your career, Helena. The experience seems to have left some psychological scars. Maybe you’d like to tell us about it sometime in a post. It might prove cathartic.
    You have my deepest sympathy and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. No, I’m fine with where I am, friend.
    Would you seriously like to argue that AIPAC’s lobbying for the invasion of Iraq had no impact on events at all? I’d be interested to see the design of such an argument.
    Or perhaps you want to argue that the “occupied territories” are not really “occupied” at all. Perhaps something else?
    Or would you just rather that I didn’t mention any of these things?

  3. Vadim is just doing his part to help fool, swindle and scare America into blindly funding Israel. In his capacity as an AIPAC propagandist, he must constantly attack Helena for her open questioning of AIPAC influence.
    We in America are getting sick of having our name soiled on behalf of Israel. America is a nation based on individual rights while Israel is a nation based on Jewish rights. The difference is huge.

  4. While I truly appreciate you devotion to keep Amerrica Safe and your concerns about the peace around the world. I would like to make a correction on your posting:”6-power overture to Iran working?”. It should say Persian Gulf and not Arabian Gulf please.
    We love you Helena; good people have some enemies too.

  5. Nobody can hurt Helena’s career as long as she is on the side of the deep pocketed Saudis and Iranians. Don’t Saudis buy influence in the US Helena. Last time I checked they financed Gulf War 1, where it all began, not AIPAC.
    Now, let’s use some logic, if Iran would threat Italy with anihilation, have acted for decades on such violence (Buenos Aires, Karina B, etc.), be on a path to nuclear weapons, would you condemn Tony and Vinnie for speaking their minds and their dollars against that threat. Or this has to do with your upbringing in Lebanon, your Arab ex-husband, and blaming somebody for your career stagnation?

  6. “Davis”, why do you bother to come on here– in a discussion about important, war-averting diplomacy between the US and Iran– and try to make your very hostile, very sad, quite libellous, and ad-feminam arguments here?
    You really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, do you? I’ve never taken a penny from either the Saudis or the Iranians, so I have no clue what you’re talking about there… Or with respect to an “upbringing in Lebanon” or “career stagnation” or anything else.
    Oh, maybe it’s the “taint” of having had an Arab ex-husband that you’re worried about. Yes, and I have two very fine Arab-American children from that marriage, too, Davis. Deal with it…
    Your hostility, your readiness to make libellous accusations, and recourse to ad-feminam arguments mean that– yet again— you’ve made clear you don’t belong in our discussions here at JWN.
    (And a possible answer to the question in my first paragraph here: Davis, like Vadim, apparently doesn’t want to engage in any substantive discussion of the topic of AIPAC’s role in trying to foment a US war against Iran today– or against Iraq, in 2003… But that certainly is a topic worthy of additional discussion as we wrestle to steer our republic here back from the course of hegemonism, militarism, and one-sided pro-Israeli partisanship that it has followed for far too long.)

  7. Helena Wrote,
    you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, do you? I’ve never taken a penny from either the Saudis
    Helena, He “David or Davis” did before or he might still work there as a “Terrorists Experts” supervising of torturing those Saudis…..
    OR may be inside Iraq “Green Zone” who know as far as he hiding in his “spider space”

  8. Davis wrote,
    Last time I checked they financed Gulf War 1
    They also they financed the GWB senior election Campaign before and GWB the Son also no surprises here Davis you are one of those he milking that money also with the rest of your administration but not us Arabs…
    By the way the Invasion also financed by those friends in Kuwaitis Bahrain Qatar, and Saudis, They are a GOOD Friends there…
    Helena it might Davise he is the one he theft and smuggled with fake military passport that Prices Daughter of Bahrain Ameer!

  9. Ali Tabian Wrote,
    It should say Persian Gulf and not Arabian Gulf please.
    Although it’s right in this clam, as the National Geographic Magazine suffered from your “Persian attitude” in the region.
    This attitude I am many time trying to highlighted here to the readers that us “Iraqis” we suffering from it and we seeing it nowadays how your Mullah and Criminals support US in destroying our state its just the answer and represent that attitude which still deep in your mind will never changed whatever you claming that your believing in Islam, this is the disaster for our society we have some of you who rule hiding under this attitude ….

  10. Helena,
    My hostility developed over time as a reaction to you bias, innuendo, and sytematic anti American mud slinging. Words have a meaning. Don’t expect to spew poison and people just nod because you or whoever funds you pay for the bandwidth.
    Why do I bother to come here is as meaningless a question as asking you why do you bother to reside here in the US.
    Look forward to your Zarkawi rant and why he was just a harmless figure victim of an unfair liquidation. The only credit to Zarkawi was that he was ready to take the risk of being in Iraq. Other actors and pundits have stayed away, including you as far as I know.
    But I do agree with many of your perspectives, about the futility of the American democratic pursuit in Iraq for example, and I said so the first day.

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